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It is estimated that there are over six million air rifles in England and Wales, the vast majority of which are used in a safe and responsible manner. This code offers guidance to those who shoot with them. It does not apply in Northern Ireland or Scotland where firearms laws are very different.Target shootingAlways ensure that your air rifle is powerful enough to achieve a clean kill of your chosen quarry and do not attempt a shot of more than 30 metres. Generally the ideal power level is just over 11 ft lb (15J). For an air rifle that is more powerful than 12 ft lb, (16.25J) you must have a firearm certificate.The law makes no distinction between air rifles and more powerful guns for which you need a licence – they are all classed as firearms. This means that any offence you commit can carry a very heavy penalty, and there are at least 38 different offences. Following this code will help you to keep on the right side of the law, but, if you have any doubt, seek advice from BASC ( or your local police firearms licensing department.

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This summary is taken from content provided by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation. The most important rule of gun handling……

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Are you up to speed on airgun laws? Can a parent, friend or relative buy a youngster an airgun? Here’s a query we recently received from a concerned parent.Air rifle range overseen at a village fete.Children aged under 18 are allowed to use legal-limit airguns under adult supervisionThe airgun supervisor must be at least 21 years oldAlthough airgun shooting is very accessible you can still fall foul of the law if you don’t stick to the rules relating to their use and ownership.

What are the rules for air guns in England and Wales?

A 12-year-old boy was arrested and handcuffed at his north London home on 17 July after he was seen with a gun. Kai Agyepong was eventually de-arrested after police officers established that it was a toy gun, a BB or a plastic pellet gun, with a “blue slide” to distinguish it from the real thing. We take a look at the legislation behind such weapons in England and Wales.

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Air guns, air rifles and air pistols are exempt from the certification requirement if they are not of a type declared ‘specially dangerous’ by legislation.

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The Firearms Act 1968 defines firearms generally but also creates a number of sub-categories of firearm, namely shot guns, air weapons and prohibited weapons. The particular type of firearm determines which offences under the Act will be applicable.[…] realistic imitation firearm” means an imitation firearm which—andProvision creating offenceGeneral nature of offenceMode of TrialPunishmentAdditional provisionsSection 32 Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 Transfer of firearm or ammunition other than in personTEWFor a firearm of ammunition subject to s1 of the Firearms Act 1968:- Section 32 Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 ​Transfer of firearm or ammunition other than in person​SO​For a shot gun:-​Section 28 Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006Using someone to mind dangerous weaponsTEWSummary: 6 months or a fine of the statutory maximum; or both.May be subject to a mandatory minimum sentence; where this applies, the maximum sentence is 10 years rather than 5 yearsSection 32 Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 Transfer of an air weapon other than in person SO6 months or level 5 fine; or both-Section 8A Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988Unlawfully selling or gifting, or offering to sell or gift, a defectively deactivated weaponTEWSummary: 6 months or a fine of the statutory maximum; or both.- Section 170 Customs and Excise Management Act 1979Importation of firearmsTEWSummary: 6 months or a fine of £20,000 or of three times the value of the goods, whichever is the greaterWhere the offence relates to a firearm of a kind specified in section 5(1)(a), (ab), (aba), (ac), (ad), (ae), (af), (ag), (ba) or (c) or (1A)(a) of the Firearms Act 1968, the maximum sentence is life imprisonment 

Air Weapons and BB Guns

Conventional air weapons do not fall within the remit of the Firearms Enquiry Team, as they do not, except in certain circumstances, require certification. However many people are interested in this subject and have asked for information.