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The best 12V car heater should be able to replace the built-in car heater (at least to a certain degree), being capable to defog and even defrost the windshield, all that while keeping the passengers relatively warm. Well, at least that’s what we expect it to be, but, unfortunately, this cannot happen because the 12V socket simply wasn’t designed to handle a powerful car heater; instead, the maximum we can really get is a simple windshield defogger and, at most, to warm our hands (the maximum power output is usually between 150 – 200W).Mark is a graduate in Computer Science, having gathered valuable experience over the years working in IT as a programmer. Mark is also the main tech writer for, covering not only his passion, the networking devices, but also other cool electronic gadgets that you may find useful for your every day life.

Choosing the Best 12 Volt Car Heater

Cars come with powerful heaters that are designed to keep you warm in even the coldest of conditions, but what do you do when your car heater fails? Repairing a car heater can be prohibitively expensive, and 12-volt car heaters are relatively affordable, so it's only natural to wonder if you can get by with the less expensive option. If you're looking for a replacement car heater that will provide the same level of heat as the factory heater, then you'll be more happy with a universal car heater replacement that taps the cooling system and replaces the factory heater. These systems provide far more heat than electric 12-volt heaters.For more information, check out our full guide to the best portable car heaters.Most 12-volt car heaters are designed to be used in tight quarters, unlike residential space heaters, but every car is different. Use common sense, and consult an expert if necessary.

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Best 12-Volt Car Heaters: Stay Warm and Cozy In Your Car

The Kingleting Heated Seat Cushion is one of the best 12-volt heater cushions on the market due to its minimalist design and performance. The heater comes with intelligent temperature control that allows you to preset the preferred temperature. It’s also fitted with a timed power-off protection feature that shuts off the heater just in case you forget. The product is a universal fit for all vehicles with a 12-volt cigarette lighter.The Trademark Electric Car Blanket is a heated car blanket that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and stays warm until unplugged. It comes with a long 96-inch power cord that allows passengers in the back seats to enjoy the warmth of the blanket. It’s also constructed with 100 percent polyester fleece, which makes it warm even if it’s not plugged in. The Sojoy Universal 12-Volt Car Seat Heater features also a minimalist unit and is a great option for cars with a smart multi-functional car seat. The unit has a fast warm-up feature; you will feel the warmth within three minutes. It’s also fitted with a timer that keeps the heater on for a maximum of 45 minutes.