A Throwback To The Unusual F1 Mule Cars Of 2008

The concept of F1 cars struggling to follow each other due to dirty air is nothing new and it has been a complaint of drivers pretty much since wings were first put onto cars.

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1. Kimi Raikkonen (confirmed 2008 driver) | biography | articles 2. Felipe Massa (confirmed 2008 driver) | biography | articles T. Luca Badoer (2007 driver) | biography | articles T. Marc Gen?? (2007 driver) | biography | articles

2008 - Team by team

Formula One being what it is - a high-stakes competition fuelled by vast amounts of money and feeding egos to match - it's hardly a surprise when controversy is found lurking right around the next corner.

2008 F1 Mathematical Driver and Constructor Rankings

2008 was a classic year for Formula One. Not only did it feature one of the closest title battles of all time, but it also featured 7 different winners (including 3 first time winners) from 5 different teams. Here I rank the drivers based on the mathematical model.

F1 2008 cars

2008 Formula 1 Season | SCUDERIA ALPHATAURI

Memories of the 2008 season are still very much alive, for team members and fans alike. The decision was taken to allow more time to develop the new car and therefore we started racing with the previous year’s car, which was modified to comply with the 2008 regulations. At the wheel of the STR2B were two Sebs: the German Sebastian Vettel and the Frenchman Sébastien Bourdais.

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